A combination of a writer and a photographer is one of the best that can be. A click can create a million perceptions and words just fuel those perceptions even more.

While taking an evening walk around our cozy neighborhood, the interesting pattern of this rusted lock caught the eye of my husband (who has recently turned his passion of photography into his career). A click was all it took to get me (re)interested in starting a blog and fire away with words, which is one of my many interests and my forte.

Like the rust on the lock that gives it an interesting character so does years of underlying and untapped passion to ones talent. With every turn of the lock the rust shall fall away and with every step towards exploring what one can do the rust of stagnancy of talent shall fade away.

Well now that’s a deep thought indeed. Don’t you agree ? To say it in simple words, my husband’s talent of photography and my interest in writing has been touched again and we shall keep in touch with it with this blog…

Read and watch this space for more from us

That’s all for now.